Junior Club

Junior Club is a bridge program between Learn to Skate and Senior Club. It is the next step for skaters to learn and develop their skating skills. Junior Club provides individual, private lessons for the skater. The club provides freestyles (ice time) for skaters who want to skate more than during Learn to Skate times. THERE ARE NO GROUP LESSONS. It’s also a way to prepare a skater to join our Senior Club. During Junior Club freestyles, skaters will learn to use the full rink to practice the things they have learned during Learn to Skate. Participation in Learn to Skate is not required. However, it is strongly recommended that the skater continue to take Learn to Skate lessons during the times they are offered.


  • 75 minute ice time/session

  • Individual, private lesson per week with the coach of your choosing

  • Introduction to additional skating techniques

  • Special Ice Show Number featuring Junior Club Skaters


Ice contracts for Junior Club are monthly, typically held on Saturday mornings and Wednesday after school during the academic year. Skaters will pay two different way for each contract period:

1. Ice Contracts (ice time $10/day) get paid to ECFSC


2. Coaching fees get paid directly to the coach they are working with


Select a coach - they will work with you to initiate the registration and scheduling process.

Additional questions should be directed to Steve Southworth at stevesouthworth@msn.com

Click on this link to register for Junior Club- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vSxylPDQsZAdKXxiN-Ib3O_RmWSMC-B28hUrEQTnm2E/edit

To sign up for a session please open the document and navigate to the proper week (tabs accross the bottom). Once on the correct week go to the next open spot and click. This will open a selection box with your skaters name - click on it and they will be entered. If you need to change an already scheduled spot go into that session and click on your spot and select "open" which will remove your skater and open it back up for others. Junior Club Skaters are allowed to sign up for the sessions designated as "LOW" sessions only.

Rink monitors, coaches, and group leaders should follow the same process.

Please note - a rink monitor and a group leader must be selected for each session or it will be canceled.

For more information, please contact the club at ecfigureskating@gmail.com