About Us

Since 1979, the Eau Claire Figure Skating Club has been serving the community by providing skating instruction, hosting skating competitions and the yearly skating show and offering various club activities to both the young and old in Western Wisconsin.

The Eau Claire Figure Skating Club strives to promote, support and sustain the mission and vision put forth by US Figure Skating.


We create and cultivate opportunities for participation and achievement in figure skating.


Together, we foster fun and inspire a lifelong passion for skating while developing champions on and off the ice.

Our strategic goals include:

  • A solid and growing membership base

  • Support of all athletes in reaching their goals and maximizing their potential

  • A strong overall club awareness and presence in our community

  • A financially viable and fiscally responsible organization


U.S. Figure Skating operates in support of a wide variety of values, but bases its core operation on the following key values:

1. Excellence: Highest standards in all endeavors

2. Integrity: Honesty and opened in all we do

3. Respect: We value each other's voices, contributions and well being

4. Resilience: We get up and adapt to challenges on and off the ice

5. Community: Nurturing connections through the skating community


On June 15, 2020, U.S. Figure Skating took an important first step in addressing the need to become a more welcoming and inclusive organization, specifically for Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC). That summer, a 14-member Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group was formed and presented five initiatives called “The Five Pillars” to the Board of Directors. The board unanimously voted to support in principle the recommendations and to advance the working group into a DEI Task Force.

We are based at Hobbs Municipal Ice Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our skaters travel the region and nation to compete in skating competitions.